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rabazz is a social community in the area of mobile content. Young people build up their profile and date with others. They meet at online games and chats and discuss the latest topics in forums. Mobile content is available for download.

The community was developed for and launched by e-plus, a German Telco and primarily focussed on e-plus customers, but is open for everyone. 2004 the community was taken over by net-mobile a mobile service provider and is operated by that company since than.

The implementation of all backend related software components as well as general team coordination were my tasks in this project.

Technologies used are J2EE, Oracle, Velocity, JSP and SOAP.

The idea of Quams Multi Access Portal was to provide a unique portal, optimized for different kinds of access. Supported access ways were web, wap as well as extended layouts for smartphones.

During my work as Portal Technology Specialist I co-ordinated the integration and implementation of subprojects and micro sites into the portal with respect to the different display demands on different devices.

Technology-wise the portal was based on a Vignette system with various device-specific extensions.

Learnetix is an online learning community of the German publishing house Cornelsen. In the online community students between the ages of 10 and 20 learn in a social environment. They can found clubs, arrange meetings, or even form their own study groups. In addition to all the social activities offered, the community lends the students a hand with their homework. learnetix.de offers homework correction and online courses in maths, German, and foreign languages with online tasks to complete.

During my work at blaxxun interactive I implemented certain interactive learning features for this community, like a math quiz and created a set of 3D avatars.

Jobfair24 is a job portal. Besides the usual job searches and offerings, at Jobfair24, each company has a presentation booth, which also serves as a room for interviews, like at a real recruiting event. On regularly scheduled fair days and at announced discussion times, a representative of the company is online, represented by his avatar, and available for discussions.

In a community custimization project during my work at blaxxun interactive, I served as a technical consultant and implemented several customer demands on the community, like group chats.

Sunycom, a subsidiary of Suny Electronics, the sole distributor of Samsung mobile handsets in Israel, created this virtual community.

In Icity Avatars, designed by the community members themselves can swim in the sea, dance in clubs or just sit and talk with friends. iCity members have dreamhouses in Old Jaffa and furnish their homes individually with furniture and accessories they buy at the fleamarket. Neighbors meet in the medieval streets or test their skill with friends at archery or ski-jumping.

During my work at blaxxun interactive I worked as a project consultant in this project and implemented several Multi-User actions, like a virtual Taxi service.


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